Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blog Hiatus

Guytoonist and I would like to thank all of our followers and those that have come by to see our art.

We decided that we would take a short hiatus over the holidays so that we could get several of our projects off the ground.  We will be returning after the first of the new year with all new themes and artwork.

But we know that it is a long time without any art, so we will be posting something Christmas themed at the end of December.

Thanks again for all of the views.

Aneros and Guytoonist

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apologies - Aneros

I apologize, I will not be able to make this week's theme.  There have been some things this week that have kept me from drawing, so instead of creating something that would be unworthy of this blog I decided to just skip this week.  I will be posting next week and at some point I may go back to doing this theme because I do find it very interesting.



Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guys With iPhones - Aneros

Guys with iPhones - Guytoonist

Welcome to The Super Art Bros.

This is our first entry in what both Guytoonist and I hope to be an on going art experiment.  We both know that we need to be more prolific and the idea of a weekly themed drawing routine would do just that.  We both hope that with this continued drawing effort our skills will increase.

We plan on posting over the next few weeks themes that we have come up with, but later we will turn the theme choice over to our viewers.  We will post a new theme on Wednesdays and both of us have one week to finish a drawing and post it.  We will post the next week's theme once we both have uploaded our drawings.

For this first entry we both chose Guys With iPhones.  This site has been a boon to both of us and it is an incredible place to see regular guys posing with their iPhones and usually nothing else.  If you have not visited the site, I urge you to do this.

Please join us as we start this blog, and hopefully it will turn into something that you all enjoy.

-Aneros & Guytoonist